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Traditional cork bulletin boards have been a popular item for generations. While useful for a great deal of purposes, standard bulletin boards were often drab and void of any character. They were definitely appreciated more for the substance than their style. However, many creative and artistic folks have found ways to spruce up these, for lack of a better term, boring boards. Once of the fancier and more aesthetically pleasing of the options available is a black cork board. Whether it’s just the surrounding frame or the cork itself is stained black, these styles of bulletin boards definitely stand out from the rest.

Who Purchases Black Cork Boards?

Pin BoardsSo who purchases these black cork boards? Well, just about everyone and anyone you can think of. Parents, children, teachers, principals, community center managers, club owners and music venue operators proudly hang these contemporary boards for traditional purposes. After all, a bulletin board is still one of the most effective means of communicating with a large number of people.

Meanwhile, black cork boards are also popular among those into home décor. These boards can be used in conjunction with pins or letters to create a rustic or modern piece of art. Some enjoy using the black cork as a canvass, while others will even incorporate wine corks in the decorative piece.

Buying a Black Cork Board

A black framed cork board will normally be seen alongside other varieties of bulletin boards at your local craft, hardware or retail store. You can also find black cork boards in all shapes and sizes on line. Based on your needs, the cost of the black cork boards can vary significantly. A basic, standard and fairly generic board will typically cost in the neighborhood of $20.00.

There are much more expensive and extravagant cork boards that are also available. For example, a large projection cork board that also includes a dry erase board runs over $500.00. There are other forms of combination boards, such as a cork board/felt board model. Depending on the size of the board you need, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300.00 to $600.00.