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chalkboard paint The chalkboard simply isn’t the same anymore. While it may seem like tablets, white boards and projectors have replaced the age-old and trusty chalkboard, it has taken on a new function: design.

Chalkboard paint can transform a wall or ceiling into an ever-changing work of art. Martha Stewart really nailed the whole chalkboard paint idea with her chalk board calendar. This calendar will look uber classy next to the desk in your office. Chalkboards add a classic and vintage vibe to any room.

Reserve a wall in your kitchen for chalkboard paint and you’ll have a classy way to keep a running grocery list, or show your artistic side and use colored chalk to create a cool food-themed still life.

Chalkboard Paint Options

Classic black isn’t your only choice when it comes to chalk board paint. While I’m partial to black or grey, there are a number of color options to choose from. You can find chalkboard paint ranging in shades from pink to forest green. There’s a shade to match any style or decor.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a few colors of chalk board paint. I like to pick a few colors and paint a small square of each to get an idea for how the chalkboard paint will look on a wall.

Chalk Board in Other Rooms

Wall art doesn’t have to be complicated. A classic slate chalk board looks great with a rustic frame and some stenciled on chalk letters. Such a simple yet elegant piece can really become the focal point of a room. I would even recommend scoring some palest from a local store to really make a distressed and rustic style frame.

When it comes to chalk board art, I always prefer a somewhat beat up and aged look – it kind of harkens back to that old schoolhouse chalkboard vibe. Make it look like you scavenged your chalk board from a creepy old abandoned building.