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Cork has been one of the most useful, functional and versatile materials on Earth for hundreds of years. Even today, the number of cork board DIY projects you can undertake is nearly endless. These projects can be as simple and fun as arts and crafts, or as large as overhauling a home or office.

Below, you will find some fun and easy cork board DIY projects and various DIY cork board ideas.

Cork Board DIY Projects

So what are some types of cork board DIY projects? Well, it depends what you’re into. Wine corks are very popular among hobbyists and craft enthusiasts. Quick and fun cork craft projects include creating key chains, stamps, drink coasters or card and place holders.

Cork Board DIY projectsMore involved projects include making wreaths, picture frames or bulletin boards. A great project is taking dozens of corks and placing them inside a frame or canvas that is also made of cork. These decorative items are wildly popular among wine connoisseurs.

Looking for some bigger DIY cork board ideas? Cork is excellent for soundproofing projects. Cork, which is a cheaper alternative to fiberglass, will significantly reduce the amount of noise that travels from room to room. You can use cork sheets or squares in any room of the home that has issues with noise. Cork is also very popular for soundproofing recording studios. Whether you record music, do voiceover work or produce podcasts, cork is sure to meet all of your soundproofing needs.

Meanwhile, cork is perfect for anyone considering a DIY insulation project. In fact, cork board was originally used for insulating cold storage areas in 1892. Cork is non-allergenic and fire resistant in its natural state. You can use cork to insulate any place in the home, including ceilings, floors and walls.

Cost of Cork Board DIY Projects

The cost of cork board DIY projects will obviously depend on the size and scope of the task at hand. Cork is a preferred material for many projects because it’s inexpensive and relatively easy to find. No matter what type of project thinking about, the majority of local retailers will carry cork products.

Cork DIY Projects

Wine Cork Bathmat



Step 1: Take about 150-175 wine corks depending on the size

of the desired rug, and cut them in half using a pocket knife.

Step 2:  Take the cut corks and lay them out into a rectangle with the flat sides down and use

a ruler to measure the length and width that it comes out to.

Step 3: 
 Scorkbathmatstep2pread out some shelf liner and cut it to the dimensions gathered in step 2.

Step 4: Before you start gluing, take the cut sheet and place it over your arrangement from

step 2 to make sure that its the correct length and width.

Step 5:  Now take a hot glue gun and run a path of glue on the flat side of the outer-edge cork
and transition it, to the shelf liner.

Continue to transfer all the cork over to the shelf lines with hot glue gun. It is recommend to work row per row.