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It cannot be disputed that cork is one of the most versatile and amazing materials known to man. The same material that is used in heat shields in vessels and vehicles launched into space serves so many useful and incredible purposes here on Earth. If you’re looking for some great cork board ideas for your next project, there’s no need to look any further.

Cork Board Ideas: Hobbies, Arts and Crafts

Cork board ideas are practically endless for hobbyists and arts and crafts enthusiasts. In addition, wine corks are invaluable for craft lovers. You can use wine corks to create decorative key chains or small stamps. Wine corks are also great for making place holders for your next wine party or social event.

In conjunction with the place holders, you can make beverage coasters using small cork squares. They will look perfect alongside the place holders. Meanwhile, you can also use wine corks to create a lavish decorative wreath. The wreath can be placed in the same room the event is being held to further the cork theme.

Anyone who’s been to any type of community center or learning institution knows that cork is the foundation of most bulletin boards. Here’s perhaps one of the best cork board ideas: create and decorate a homemade bulletin board with your child. Not only will your son or daughter have the perfect place to post important notices and reminders, but you will get to spend quality time together creating something you both can use and enjoy.

Cork Board Ideas: Home and Office Projects

Any and all home improvement buff will tell you that cork is a perfect material for do it yourself projects around the home or office. While it’s true that cork is the core of a baseball, it’s also the core of some major components of your place of residence.

For example, cork is often used in flooring projects around the house. While its natural spongy texture provides bare feet with the utmost comfort, it also gives parents peace of mind because they know their child will be playing on a safe surface.

Cork can also be credited with keeping families warm. Cork board has been for insulation purposes since before the start of the 1900s. Cork is also resistant to fire and non-allergenic, making it the insulation choice for so many people.

These are just some of the hundreds of great cork board ideas. The next of the great cork board ideas can very likely come from you.

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