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using cork board roll in your home or officeCork board roll is an excellent way to create your own notice boards or to put up a cork board wall although you want to check the quality as some a cork board roll will be too thin. You may want to use cork board sheets for that. But if you have a little bit of DIY knowledge you can do a whole lot of different things with this product. You might want to decorate your kids room or perhaps add some sound proofing. Either way cork board roll is so cheap and easy to use, you will have the job finished in time to watch the game.

Using Cork Board Roll

So just how to you apply cork board roll? Most people can lay cork board roll or tiles without too much problem although if this is your first time doing it yourself, you might want to take your time and practice before you try to do a whole room. Cork is great for flooring as it is non slip even when wet so it is particularly suitable for kids and those who are prone to falling.

Cork comes in a few different colors. Most cork is sold in the natural shades of brown, but it is possible to buy either colored cork or paint it yourself. Make sure you use cork roll that is suitable for use on the floor and not those produced for use on the walls. That type of cork is simply far too thin and it won’t last over the long haul.

Cork board in roll form is just one of the many forms available. You can learn about all the other wonderful things you can do with cork by exploring the rest of this site.