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Cork comes in various shapes, colors and sizes. When most people think about cork, they think about either wine stoppers or large bulletin boards. However, cork board strips have surged in popularity in recent years. These strips can be beneficial for so many people in so many ways. Below you will find some ways you can use these cork board strips, as well as where you can purchase them and how much you can expect to spend.

Using Cork Board Strips

using cork board stripsCork board strips can serve many useful purposes around the home or office. These helpful strips can be placed practically anywhere in the home. By using inexpensive push pins, you can place children’s chores, important dates or other family reminders on the strips. You can also post positive messages designed to help inspire family members on these cork board strips.

You could also create a makeshift key rack in your home using these strips. Simply hang the strip near the door you enter and exit the most, place push pins on the strip and hang your keys from the pins. You could also hang an animal leash, or anything else you take in and out on a daily basis.

In the office, tack important upcoming dates, tasks or events to the strip. Hang it somewhere that it will be impossible to miss so it can be the ultimate analog daily task scheduler. These strips can also be placed in other areas of the office, such as the break room or meeting area. You can post reminders of important dates, upcoming birthdays, work functions or holidays with these strips.

Cost of Cork Board Strips

The cost of cork board strips can be exceptionally low. For example, you can get a magnetic strip online for as little as $4.00. In fact, many cork strips can be purchased for under $10.00. On the higher end of the cost spectrum, premium cork strips can cost over $200.00. The strips can be purchased individually or in packs of six. You can find cork strips at most national chain retailers, crafts stores and online shops.