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A quick search of the internet will show you there are almost endless uses of cork board tiles. The only limit is your own creativity.

Cork board wall tiles are a sustainable design choice for walls, floors and so much more. Cork is experiencing a resurgence in popularity as society becomes more aware of the environmental impacts of traditional building materials.

What makes cork unique is the fact that when it’s harvested correctly, it does not damage the tree. Read on to discover some useful and creative ideas for cork board tiles.

Cork Tiles for Wall

using cork board tiles

There’s so much more to cork tiles for wall than simply having a place to pin things up. Indeed, cork board wall tiles can be a design element when properly implemented. Much like hardwood, cork tiles can be stained, painted and sealed for a truly unique look.

The creative possibilities are endless when you use cork tiles for wall. A deep brown stain can give your office wall a sophisticated look and visitors will admire the rich patterns. If you a musician, or like to hide out and crank the tunes, a room with cork board wall tiles will ensure you can jam out without disturbing anyone else in the house – or your neighbors.

You can also use cork board wall tiles to turn a section of your wall into a beautiful collage. Simply pin up your favorite photos and artwork to add your own touch of taste and creativity to an otherwise normal section of wall. Cork tiles really afford the opportunity to let your creativity shine through.

Cork Board Tiles for the Floor

For a custom floor with endless opportunity to express your creativity, consider cork board tiles. One recent trent is the use of cork board tiles for the kitchen floor. If stained and sealed properly, it will repel stains and spills as well as any flooring surface. Yet with cork, your free to cook barefoot or in your socks while still experiencing the cushiony, comfortable feel of cork board tiles under your feet.

Of course, cork board tiles are popular for flooring thanks to the design possibilities. Tiles can be cut and stained easily, putting intricate designs and colorful expression at anyone’s fingertips.

Cork board tiles can add some unique design elements to any home. Whether you’re looking for cork tiles for wall or cork board tiles for your floor, the options are endless.