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One of the most daring projects you can undertake is the fabled Cork Board cork-board-wall-diyWall DIY project. You’ve seen it before, usually a modern workspace with a desk leaned up against an entire cork wall with a beautiful display of clever images and plans spread across the entire cork wall. If you’ve ever dreamed of having something like this in your own home, you’d probably be surprised to learn that the process is actually cheap and easy to do yourself. The guide below will show you how to create your own Cork Board Wall DIY.

Making a Cork Board Wall DIY: What You’ll Need

  • Cork Roll or Cork Sheet
  • Strong Glue
  • Utility knife
  • Hook blade
  • Masking tape
  • Seam and strip cutter
  • Tape
  • String & chalk (plumb line)
  • Roller

Making a Cork Board Wall DIY: Instructions

Start by measuring the size of the wall or area that you want to cover and cut or roll out your board 2 inches larger than your measurements. You will also want to flatten out the edges before installation to make sure the sheet will be perfectly flat.
Now cut the sheet to perfect measurements and score the back of the cork with your utility knife to go over your measurements perfectly. You will then use the hook blade to cut completely through the edges.

If you have a larger wall and need to use more than one sheet, simply use masking tape on the floor to match the pieces. Be sure to overlap them by at least an inch and use a seam and strip cutter to cut the seam.

Mark your cork rolls/sheets with tape by stretching them across the seam you just made, then cut to separate, this will allow you to match your sheet for a perfect fit.

Now, clean the surface of the wall you want to put your cork on and sand down the area to get a nice and smooth surface, perfect for applying the adhesive.

Hold up your sheet along the marked lines that you made to make sure everything looks perfectly. When applying the adhesive to the wall, make sure that you do one area at a time and try to get someone else to help you. Make sure when you install the board, the adhesive is still wet.

Carefully line up the cork board right after you apply the adhesive and press the board onto the wall.

When the board starts to stick by itself, immediately take a wall roller and firmly roll along the board to work out any bubbles or gaps that may have occurred.

After a few days, you can start adding your own creative thoughts and ideas to your Cork Board Wall DIY project!