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Cork board can be used for anything from bulletin boards, to soundproofing, to flooring, to insulation. Cork board is also very popular because it’s environmentally friendly and is typically sold at an affordable price.

Below, you will learn about all the advantages that come along with using cork. You will also find some helpful tips and advice to make the most out of using cork, as well as some fun and easy DIY cork board projects.

Cork Bulletin Board

A cork bulletin board serves more purposes than just letting you know when it’s your turn to take out the trash. With a cork bulletin uses for cork board board in your home, you can post important messages and special wishes to family members. You can also remind everyone in your home of big days coming up on the calendar.
With a cork bulletin board in your office, you can notify co-workers of special events on the horizon or to thank them for a job well done. A cork bulletin board can also be of great personal use. Organizing phone numbers and posting reminders of upcoming meetings and events is made easy with cork board.

DIY Cork Board Projects

There are a number of fun and creative DIY cork board projects you can do alone or with others in your free time. Designing an aforementioned bulletin board for the home could be a perfect project everyone in the family can participate in and enjoy.

Another easy DIY cork board project is soundproofing a room, studio or home office. Cork tiles are simple to install and cost much less than some other soundproofing supplies.

Cork can also be used for flooring projects, or to create safe landing spots for areas where children are at play. With over 300-thousand tons of cork produced per year, just about anyone could find a use for or project involving cork board.