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We often find public messages posted on a cork bulletin board. This type of board is a classic medium of advertisement or announcement in public places because of the resilient material characteristic of the cork. A cork bulletin board can be transformed into a nice looking focal point of a room or hallway by complementing it with a beautiful wood frame finish.

A cork bulletin board is ideal for removing and adding of messages with the help of a push pin. This type of bulletin board is great for your home, office or business.

Materials in a Cork Bulletin Board

standard cork bulletin boardThe cork oak tree provides the primary material for the creation of a bulletin board. The resulting commercial product is a flat even sheet that retains its honey-comb like structure. The standard thickness of the cork sheet is between 0.8mm to 10mm but the exact thickness can still depend on the needs of the user. This sheet is then glued to a wood or plastic backing. Its soft and porous texture allows the easy entry of the push pin but it is still firmly grasped at the same time by the cork. A high quality cork sheet would self-heal once the push pins are removed.

A cork bulletin board can acquire dust and stains over a period of time. You can prolong its life and maintain its pristine condition by cleaning it with soap and warm water. The structure of the cork may eventually deteriorate with the continuous use of the push pins. This is the right opportunity to order for another set of cork sheet.

Most people often visualize a cork board when they think of bulletin boards. An alternative to a cork bulletin board is the magnetic white board. A bulletin board can also be designed in such a way where one side is made of cork and a magnetic white board on the other.