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Why Use Cork Floor Tiles?

So why would you want cork floor tiles for your next flooring project? For starters, cork flooring provides an exceptional level of comfort. Its natural texture provides amazing cushioning no matter what room in the home it is featured. For those who like to exercise, cook or simply walk around barefoot, cork floor tiles are likely ideal for you.

In addition to the comfort factor, cork also provides a level of safety other flooring tiles can’t match. While some traditional flooring tiles contain harsh chemicals, cork is all natural and perfect for those who may battle allergies or have sensitivity to specific chemicals. Cork is also a very spongy texture, making it the perfect surface for children to play on.

are cork floor tiles right for you.Sound reduction is another benefit that comes along with using cork floor tiles. In its natural state, cork is one of the best soundproofing materials available. Using the tiles for flooring will reduce noise from foot traffic and other common noise in your home.

Cork floor tiles also have a very distinct style. Because they come in so many different shapes, colors and sized, the decorative options are practically limitless. No matter your taste, there are sure to be cork flooring tiles that will meet your needs.

While there are so many positives associated with using cork for flooring, there are also some drawbacks. Because of how soft cork is naturally, large pieces of furniture can leave dents or other marks. Cork can also be very sensitive to stains and scuffing.

Purchasing Cork Floor Tiles

Cork tiles for flooring can be bought at some national chain retail stores, as well as all home improvement outlets. You can also find a variety of flooring tiles in stores and outlets online.

Cork floor tiles can be very inexpensive. For example, you can purchase individual cork flooring tiles for as little as $4.00 per square foot. In fact, you can purchase many individual tiles for under $10.00 per square foot. If you would like to buy in bulk, you can get 36 square feet of solid cork flooring tiles for just under $150.00. Top of the line cork tiles cost just over $170.00.