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Do you know the benefits of cork flooring? Cork flooring is a healthy and popular flooring option for any home. Cork used for flooring is obtained by stripping the outer bark of the cork oak tree. It’s regular harvesting is not at all harmful to it as it slowly grows back. In fact, it can be safely stripped once in nine years in the 200 or more years of the tree’s life.

This bark is then processed to cork sheets using a straightforward process of curing, boiling and pressing. Moreover as its scraps can be reused for flooring, nothing is wasted in making cork flooring. Not only is cork flooring eco-friendly, there are also many health benefits of cork flooring.

Benefits of Cork Flooring: Cork is an Effective Anti-Allergenic for Your Home

Need some more benefits of cork flooring? It is the naturally occurring chemical Suberim which is found in the cork flooring that makes it healthy. This waxy chemical makes cork an anti-allergenic material as it ensures the flooring does not retain the common allergic triggers like dander, pollen or dust. It is because of thbenefits of cork flooringis anti-allergenic property of cork flooring that these allergens can be easily removed through a simple vacuum.

Moreover, cork flooring is flooring that is resistant to mold, water and mildew. This property of the flooring makes it the popular flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchens. This property of cork is also because of the chemical Suberim, which has another feature, working as an effective pest repellant. It is because of this flooring that you need not worry about carpenter ants and termites wherever you have cork flooring.

Besides all these health benefits, cork flooring also effectively helps in lowering your energy costs if it is installed throughout your home. This is attributed to its honey comb cellular structure that not only traps air in the combs but also prevents heat and cold from passing through. It is also because of this very honey comb structure that cork flooring in your home is so comfortable. Looking at all these benefits of cork flooring, it is no wonder it is one of the more popular flooring methods used today.