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Cork products consist of much more than simple stoppers in wine and champagne bottles. In fact, environmentally-friendly cork can be found in some of the products you use every day. Here, you will find the latest on cork products and cork suppliers, as well as how you can use cork products to improve many aspects of your life.

Common Cork Products

Rolls and sheets are used to create many common products such as bulletin boards, floor and wall tiles, and beverage coasters. Cork is also used for underlayment on flooring projects, as well as for thermal insulation needs. In addition, cork tiles can be used to soundproof studios, rooms and offices.

Because of its insulation and sound-absorbing capabilities, products containing cork are becoming more popular for home décor. Covering walls and cork products at home floors with cork gives a room a warm and comfortable feel. Today’s cork products come in beautiful, vibrant colors, so feel free to use them in any room in the home.

Some miscellaneous products containing cork include baseballs and cricket balls, shuttlecocks for badminton, fishing floats and handles for fishing rods. Some musical instruments, shoes and computer printers are also considered to be forms of cork products

Cork Suppliers

When thinking about cork suppliers, it’s important to remember that there are nearly 5.5-million acres of cork forest in the world today. Portugal is responsible for over 60 percent of the nearly 300-thousand tons of cork produced yearly. Spain and Italy also produce significant amounts of cork each and every year.

There are several ways to purchase cork through cork suppliers. Depending the size and scope of your project, you likely will be able to save some money by purchasing in bulk from cork suppliers online. Cork suppliers are generally more than happy to assist you in finding exactly what you need.