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Cork sheets are used for many different things in the home, office or even in the garden.

The following are just some of the more common uses:

1) Noise Insulation

Attaching Cork sheets to your walls is a great way to reduce the noise coming from a room.

standard cork sheetsIf you have teenagers or perhaps a spouse who favors themselves as a musician you can make a room in your home more or less soundproof and it will not cost a lot. Cork sheets were widely used for this purpose before fiber glass became popular.

2) Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is becoming popular again having shaken off its bad image. It is environmentally friendly, easy to put down and relatively inexpensive which has lead to the rise in popularity.

The cork sheets provide a warm and quiet floor so it is perfect for those living in shared accommodation dwellings such as apartment blocks. Your neighbors won’t be complaining about you walking around too loudly in your apartment.

3) Cork Bulletin Boards

Many homes and offices use cork sheets to make cork bulletin boards. Notice boards are a handy way to keep everyone organized. The cork is naturally spongy so it springs back when you remove out of date information. It is extremely resilient hence why it was used for bottle stoppers before screw tops came into vogue. Some schools and offices will use enclosed cork sheets to display notices to the public outside. These enclosed sheets of cork often have glass doors with locks to prevent unauthorized persons tampering with the contents.

4) Room Dividers

Sheets of cork are often used as room dividers in schools or hospitals. Sometimes a room may be too big for a specific event so cork sheets can be be used to temporarily smaller the room acting as cork room dividers. These are relatively lightweight but do an excellent job as they help reduce noise.

5) Heat Insulation

We have already spoken about noise insulation but cork sheets are also useful for heat insulation. If you lay some cork underlayment before putting down your carpet or laminate floor you will help reduce the heat loss in that room. The cork sheets will help you retain more heat and thus help reduce your energy consumption not to mention your bills.

6) To Decorate and Protect the Walls of Kids Rooms
If you have children you could consider using sheets of cork to decorate the walls of the kids bedroom. You can buy cork board sheets for walls which is thinner than that used for floors. It should be glued to a sheet of wood rather than directly onto the wall as otherwise it will be difficult to remove. The kids can pin their drawings anywhere on the wall and you won’t have to worry about them doing any damage. These cork sheets come in a range of colors as well so you don’t have to be stuck with brown walls.

Sheets of cork have many uses and the above are just the main ones.