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The flexibility of a cork is being echoed by one of its commercial products, cork squares. The product is created by slicing the cork into cork squares of varying sizes.

Versatility of Cork Squares

Cork board squares are incredibly versatile; they are popularly used in quite a number of home and business decorations as well as in craft projects. Certain individuals are taking advantage of the natural insulation property of cork. An entire wall of a room can be insulated by cork board squares to keep the room warm and trap the sound within.

Cork Boards

Cork board squares are environmentally friendly product because the material itself is taken from the bark of a cork oak tree. It is offered commercially as small as 4 inches which is ideal for cork wall tiles and glass coaster. It can also act as a gripper to firmly hold a furniture in its place.

The standard biggest size you’ll find for a cork board square is 12 inches. These 12-inch cork squares are commonly used at home and business. They can be grouped together to form a large cork bulletin board depending on the required message space. Other manufacturers of cork products may accept custom order for unusual sizes so this is something worth checking out.

Aside from the size, the thickness of the cork squares are another consideration before purchasing. High quality cork board squares should be evenly cut, smooth, and free of bark and wood particles.

Cork board squares are being sold without any adhesive but can easily be glued when required. Some are packaged with mounting strips for easy placement against a wall or any hard surface. You can entertain all sorts of ideas on how to mount these cork squares since they are lightweight. Some creative designers are even punching the cork with holes and thread colorful ribbons on its surface as a fun decoration.