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What do you imagine when you think of decorative cork boards? I see a board covered with kid’s pictures in a family kitchen. Cork boards are popular with lots of people including kids, teens and adults. They are useful at the office, school and as I said in the kitchen. They aren’t expensive and you can pin pictures and notes to it repeatedly without doing any damage. This material comes in a range of colors from very light to very dark. It is suitable for use anywhere in the home including bathrooms and kitchens and is easy to keep clean. A damp cloth can be used to dust it. The only thing you can’t do is allow water to pool on it so if some liquid does spill on your board, clean it up straight away or else you may find it gets absorbed.

Some people will buy brand name decorative cork boards while others will make their own. Personally I don’t see the point in buying a Melissa & Doug Cork Board
when you can make decorative cork boards for a lot less and have a lot more fun. Your kids will love designing their own version. You can make plain ones or cut flowers out and stick them to the frame. To make a fabric cork board, you simply cover the frame in cloth. This is very easy to do especially if you have a staple gun, some scissors and thumbtacks. All you do is wrap the board in the fabric like you would a present, only pull the cloth quite tight. Fold the edges over neatly and secure with thumbtacks. It is possible to make a quilted cloth board if you are anyway good with arts and crafts work.screenshot of decorative cork boards

Benefits of Decorative Cork Boards

Decorative cork boards for walls are environmentally friendly. No trees were cut down to make these items. Cork is harvested from live trees once they have reached maturity. It is hypoallergenic and also naturally fights mould and mildew making it easy to maintain.

You can produce larger decorative cork boards if you want to decorate the wall in a room for example. This is often done at schools where student’s artwork is regularly put on display. Smaller boards will hang on the wall using two sided mounting tape whereas larger boards will either be free standing or have to be secured with tacks or nails depending on the type of wall supporting it.

Personalized cork boards can make great gifts particularly for grandparents who may be getting a little forgetful. They tend to love receiving presents their grandchildren have made. Forget well known artists. Little Mary or John’s work will get pride of place on the wall. You can find various items to accessorize decorative cork boards at any craft shop, even different shaped pins some with novelty features. You can paint the frame, add a shelf or perhaps a mirror depending on who the recipient of this present is going to be. For example, if Grandpa is into golf, you could decorate the board using a golf theme.