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What can you do with that old dry erase board? If you’re sick of looking at the same plain board, it could be time to get creative and jazz that thing up a bit.

Making Your Own Board

You don’t have to buy your own dry erase board. If you are feeling up to the challenge, Amazon hasĀ everything you need to build a nice custom board that is sure to turn heads. You’ll need a few materials

  • Melamine
  • Picture Frame
  • Dry erase markers

If you go with melamine, simply cut it to fit the picture frame you chose. Melamine is a good substance for making boards because dry markers will easily wipe off leaving no residue behind.

dry erase board ideasMaking Simple, Cheap Dry Erase Boards

If you want to make an effective board in minutes, just find an old 8×10 picture frame and piece of blank white printer paper. If there’s a picture in the frame, take it out and replace it with the blank sheet of paper.

Next, remove the glass and clean it very well. Now, just put the frame back together with the white paper inside. You’ll be able to draw right on the glass with dry erase markers.

While this is a great option for dry erase boards for adults, you won’t want to give this one to children. Broken glass could be dangerous – better to make melamine boards for children.

Other Creative Dry Erase Board Ideas

Some people have worked dry erase boards into the design of rooms. In a home office, an entire section of wall could become a board, perfect for an oversized office calendar or an easy place to jot down quick notes and phone numbers.

For children, you can build a desk with a whiteboard surface. That way, you won’t have to worry about kids writing on their furniture when the surface is a dry erase board.

Let your creativity shine with a board project of your own.