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Looking for an enclosed cork board? Perhaps you need a notice board that can be used outside and the normal corkboards wouldn’t suffice for that purpose. Enclosed cork boards come in a variety of styles and shapes. You can have them with three doors or just one that you lock to keep prying hands away from your notices. The locks can be either key or combination and the covering is usually strengthened glass or plastic.

You have a choice of aluminum or wood frames although anyone handy with DIY would be able to run you up something different if you preferred. You can choose between black, walnut, cherry, oak or teak. As you will be using it outside I would suggest you opt for teak. Teak was used in building ships as it is so weather resistant. If you like metal frames you can choose black, silver or perhaps gold if you are trying to make a statement. If you just go with painted frames, you can pick almost any color you chose although if you are going to use it outside you will want to use waterproof paint.

Get an Enclosed Cork Board

a sample enclosed cork boardYou can have your enclosed cork board wall mounted onto an exterior wall which means that it is attached to the wall with nails or very strong glue depending on the weight and size of the board. Some people don’t want to risk damaging the walls so will put the corkboard on a post. These are known as pole mounted boards and are the most common way to display notice boards externally. They also tend to attract more attention but then it does depend on where you decide to locate it.

An enclosed cork board can be a simple notice board or you can have a combination one i.e. cork on one side and a white board on the other. This is very handy if you have periodic notices that should be stuck up somewhere but can also have last minute arrangements that need to be publicized.

Some people hate cork boards so will cover them in fabric instead believing fabric notice boards to be more up market. You can use a range of different fabrics to cover this yourself or you can buy them ready made at most outlet stores.

To put notices in an enclosed cork board, you simply unlock the doors and attach the paper with push pins or tacks. It is not difficult and because cork is such a springy material, you cannot cause damage unless you tear it deliberately.

Enclosed cork boards are not just for outdoor use. There are times when they come in very useful indoors too such as in a hotel lobby or a church porch. They are a convenient and cheap way of getting your message across to many people. Just be sure that someone keeps them up to date as there is nothing worse than an enclosed cork board advertising a Christmas play at Easter.