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A framed cork board is extremely useful in either the home or the office. In fact they work anywhere where people need to be reminded of certain things such as notices in a hospital or a school. You can find them in all colors and styles with some having modern frames and others having a more retro feel.

Framed Cork Board Uses

Framed cork boards are perfect for hanging not just work notices but school reports, photos, calendars, reminders etc. In fact you can hang just about anything on framed cork boards using push pins. Push pins come in an assortment of colors with novelty pins proving a hit with younger children.

Framed cork boards are also ideal for college students away from home as not only can they use them to keep organized and on top of their lecture and tutorial program but if they hang photos as well it will remind them of home. The other benefit is that these boards are naturally anti-bacterial which given the state of some college dorms is a great thing!

If you want to make you own framed cork boards, one idea is to use beautiful old frames you find in flea markets. Just make sure that the frame hasn’t got woodworm or any other pest. Clean it up before you fit the cork board sheet into it. You can buy sheets of cork at any hardware store and it is very inexpensive. You may need to remove any glass, nails or pins from the origexample of a framed cork boardinal frame before you put the sheet inside.

A framed cork board are normally available in different finishes. You can have colored cork, fabric or a quilted effect using foam. The frames themselves also vary from the usual chrome and wood to the decorative cork boards you see available for kids. You can also have personalized ones if you so wish.

When choosing a certain style, always go for those that are at least half an inch thick. With prices being so economical you don’t need to go for an ultra thin flimsy version. The cork should be firm but with a slight bounce as you do not want it splitting when you pin things up on the board.

Some framed cork boards double up as bulletin boards in that you have the ability to lock them. This is quite a handy feature if you are using it in a public area. It will prevent your notices being removed or tampered with. You can also have double sided frames if you are wish.

As these boards are waterproof and can be treated to become dust proof they are an ideal accompaniment to the busy office. They come in a range of sizes too. Cork boards will last for ages as the pin holes naturally reseal due to the resilience of the cork skin. Depend on the weight; you can hang them on the wall using double sided tape or pins or with glue. With a larger framed cork board, you would hang them just like you would a picture.