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How to Install Cork Walls

Most people are familiar with the use of cork in bulletin boards that are mounted on a wall, but how about considering a full cork wall as a practical and attractive decor feature? Installing a cork wall is much easier and more appealing than you might have thought. This is because you can buy cork tiles that are purpose made for making a wall, or as an alternative you could use cork rolls which are also readily available. For the same reasons you could even have a matching or complimentary floor made from cork tiles or roll.

Installing a wall and a cork floor is such a good choice due to its resistant and absorption qualities. It is an easy material to work with, being so pliable and flexible, and also comes in many different thicknesses and densities making it easier to install a wall of cork. Your wall of cork can be as individual as you want to make it. For a lot of people too much of a similar shade of brown is not desirable, but with different shades and finishes to choose from, as well as the possibility of color painting the cork, if you like the physical qualities of cork you should be able to come up with a finished effect that will suit your needs for your wall of cork.installing a cork wall

Cork wall coverings are relatively easy to install with some basic DIY skills; or you can get someone to install a cork wall for you at a fairly rapid pace. For convenience you might like to choose cork ready mounted on hardboard. It really does depend on your own preferences; cork roll that is not yet mounted can be purchased if you prefer. Cork glue and tools can be obtained from hardware stores and cork specialists to help you on your way to that new cork wall in very quick time.