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Why would people want to have a large cork board in their home? When it comes to flooring your home, the usual factors that influence the decision are:

Cost – Large cork board sheets are relatively inexpensive

Comfort – it is very comfortable to walk or sit on.

Noise control – this is especially important if you have kids or live in an apartment when you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. Some flooring such as tiles or wooden floors can increase the noise factor in a home. Large cork board doesn’t do this but instead acts as an insulator keeping noise down and heat in. 

Wear – how a flooring cover wears will be important in most homes. You don’t want to lay any material that only looks good for the first week or so. High traffic areas such as the bathroom or kitchen benefit most from durable long lasting floors. While 100% natural cork tiles may not be the most suitable in this environment, composite cork flooring might be ideal.

In summary, a large cork board is soft, comfortable to walk on, and as it also acts as an insulator, it makes the house quieter. Almost everyone will have experienced opening a bottle of wine and seeing how fast the cork springs back into shape. This means that you don’t have to worry about putting furniture or walking on cork tiles as the spongy texture will spring naturally back into place and your large cork board won’t be left with a series of marks.

Can you use Large Cork Board in the Bathroom?

Some people use large cork board in the bathroom but if you don’t seal it, the cork floor will act like a big absorbent bath mat. The large cork board will absorb water and other spills very quickly which can mean that it is susceptible to soiling. If you don’t seal it properly the dirt can become ingrained making it very difficult to clean. You can sand your large cork board floors down but you need to work very gently or you can damage the flooring.

When buying a large cork board make sure it is flooring grade and not cork wall coverings. The latter will not be suitable for walking on and your floor will quickly show signs of wear and tear. You can buy composite cork flooring which is a mixture of cork and vinyl and so is more durable and hard wearing. This tends to come as either tiles or something similar to the planks associated with wooden floors. It is very easy to lay and is a relatively inexpensive way to floor your home. It is also a change for those who hate the look of vinyl floors but like their durability.

How do you lay cork tiles?
Laying down large cork board should be fairly easy although you may find cork floor tiles more suitable if you are working in a small space. Regardless of what type of cork boards you use you need to make sure you are laying them on a level floor. If the floor surface is uneven you should first lay a layer of plywood or something similar. This may seem like extra work but the final result will be worth it. You should nail down the plywood so use some paper felt or other backing material before laying your cork to prevent the nail heads coming through and hurting someone. Don’t glue cork board tiles direct to the original floor in your home as you will never remove them. Instead glue them to the hardwood or plywood you use to level the floor. When it comes to changing the floor covering you can simply remove the hardwood.

Is there any room that you shouldn’t use large cork board in?

Cork board tiles work well in most rooms but are not suitable for use with under floor heating. The heat will cause the tiles to rise up and this is not the look you are looking for. As we have seen you can have your large cork board cork unsealed but it is best to apply a coat or two of sealant if you want the floor to look good for longer. Sealing also helps to make the large cork board more water resistant although you should get into the habit of cleaning up any spills as soon as possible.

To maintain your floor you need to sweep or vacuum at least every two days. While the large cork board can benefit from being polished don’t go overboard as you could make the floor too slippy. Reapply the sealant every so often to keep the large cork board looking fantastic.