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Picture Frame Corkboard DIYLooking to add some creative flair to your corkboard? Maybe your current board just doesn’t fit the unique design or color scheme of your room. Before you go looking for a different way to display your plans, ideas, photos, or anything else, you can actually make beautiful corkboards with larger frames and place a colored sheet over the board section to give you the look you want. This tutorial below will walk you through the steps it takes to create your own photo corkboard that fits both your room and your personality!

Making a Picture Frame Corkboard

  1. Start by buying both the frame that you want and individual corkboard tiles, which you can find in the link below.
  2. Take the time to paint or decorate the frame any way you see fit and then fill in the gaps with dry spackle.
  3. When the actual frame is just the way you want it, it’s time to set in your cork squares that are available in multipacks below. You will glue the cork squares to a board base that fits perfectly into your picture frame. If the frame didn’t come with one, you can easily buy cardboard at Home Depot and cut the right size.
  4. Find a lovely curtain with a color that goes with your room and cut it to the size of your board. You want the fabric to stretch over the canvas just enough so you can staple it down and get a nice flat surface on the front side.
  5. With all that finished, it’s time to set the board into the frame. Make sure that there are no spaces where you can see the cloth slipping out or naked cardboard showing. Just make the proper adjustments with glue and cutting sections to make the finished product look the way you want it.