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A standard pin board is a hanging display that can be used for notes of any kind. Placing a pin up board in a high-traffic area will ensure that whatever type of message you need to send will be delivered.

The following page will reveal what you can use to create a pin board, how a cork pin board can reduce clutter and save space, and how these boards may be exactly what you need to become more efficient and better organized.

Adding a Cork Pin Board

Adding a cork pin board to your home or office can assist in cleaning up some of the clutter in either space. Important documents, notes, reminders or numbers can now be tacked to a pin board instead of running the risk of being lost or buried by other notes.

Placing a cork pin board in a child’s room can help minimize messes and instantly add personality. You and your child can turn the board into an arts and crafts project by painting and decorating it before you hang it. Your child can use their new cork board to post pictures and reminders of school project due dates.

Pin Up Board

A large pin up board can usually be found in schools, parks and community centers. These boards are typically brimming with information on things such as jobs, upcoming events, schedules and other important localized news and happenings. A large pin up board is generally made out of cork so bulletin material can easily be added and removed.

Pin up boards come in shapes and sizes for anyone’s budget. Beginner boards for children or your office cost about as much as a cup of coffee. Extravagant boards featuring an aluminum frame and sliding glass doors are available, but expect to pay a premium cost.