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using cork wall tilesCork board is a surprisingly versatile tool for your home, offering numerous uses and solving myriad different issues from helping you get yourself organized to sound proofing a wall or to adding a very comfortable floor. Cork wall tiles can serve multiple uses, doubling as a protective cover to hang posters on, a scheduling board for sports activities, party invitations, doctor appointments, classroom assignments, home work projects, cork wall tiles can even be used as a friendship board to display photos of friends, family, class mates and pets.

Moreover, cork is an environmentally friendly resource, which increases its value manifold.

What you Should Know about Cork Wall Tiles

The cork oak tree produces cork as its outer layer, which can be harvested repeatedly for as many as 200 years. Harvesting the cork by peeling it from the tree does not damage the tree; when the harvest is complete the tree begins to regenerate its bark for the next harvest. Constant harvesting and planting new trees assures us that the forest of cork will not soon deplete, if ever, as these forests continue to grow and flourish, we can always find new and creative uses for the cork, such as cork wall tiles.

Cork is naturally fire resistant; they can get scorched in a forest fire, but the bark protects the trees from total destruction and they are able to regenerate relatively quickly. There are no materials, man made or natural that can match the properties in cork. In its natural state, cork is light weight, soft, rot resistant, and compressible.

Cork wall tiles are usually thicker than cork wall covering that can be thin and flexible. As you can see both cork wall tiles and cork wall coverings offers its own long list of suitable uses.cork-wall-tiles

Cork Wall Tiles in Everyday Life

Cork wall tiles can be made in to thick cork boards used as bulletin boards in businesses, classrooms and in homes. Its features of low conductivity to heat, sound and vibrations makes it perfect for homes with attached garages where the cork wall tiles can be placed on the inside of the wall to reduce noise and vibrations from the garage. Cork also has the best insulating and acoustical properties of all substances, which makes it the perfect choice for use in any music room.

Cork Wall Covering

Cork wall covering is usually thinner than cork wall tiles and it is usually sold by the roll. Cork wall covering can be purchased in many different sized rolls and on the average you will find that the cork wall covering is approximately the thickness of poster board. Cut to size and covered with fabric, cork wall covering makes a perfect cabinet door cover to attach appointment cards, grocery lists or recipes. You can also cover a large part of a wall to create a complete message center for your home or office. To make the cork wall covering appear a little more eye catching, try stretching colorful ribbon at regular intervals to create a loose grid. You can now place photos on the board without push pins or putting holes in your photos.

There are many creative uses for cork board tiles, cork wall tiles and for cork wall covering. You can make trivets to protect your dining table and countertops from hot pots and pans, or coasters to protect tables from the condensation from glasses, or to use as vibration absorbers, sound barriers or as decorative wall art. Using some old doors with hinges, cork cut to fit the inserts in the doors, and some fresh paint, you can create a beautiful room divider for a multi-functional room. Use your imagination as you look at the different types of cork available to see what kind of ideas you can create. Both cork wall tiles and work wall covering is inexpensive, easy to work with, and fun to craft with!