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types-of-paint-for-corkboardsLet’s face it, although you love corkboards and how you can express your creative ideas through a visual medium, the flat brown color isn’t all that stimulating. You can try to add some spice with colored cardboard, but that only looks bulky and could potentially take up space on your otherwise perfect corkboard creation. That’s why you should consider adding some flavor with different types of paint for corkboards. It’s tricky to find a paint that works with the rough texture and spaced out ridges of the material, but there are some paints that work flawlessly with this type of canvas.

The Types of Paint for Corkboards

Whichever type of paint you use, you’ll want to start by taking a damp cloth and wiping down the surface to clean any dust off the surface.

  • Interior Acrylic Latex Paint applies perfectly after you wipe the surface of your corkboard down and dries faster than any other paint, within just a few hours in fact.
  • Flat paint will work to dull the texture of the corkboard. You should use flatter paints if you want to use stencils to paint images on your corkboard as well. You should use a foam paintbrush for this type of paint too, because it helps fill in the gaps between a corkboards texture.
  • Chalkboard paint, in addition to applying a magnetic primer, will allow you to pin items to your corkboard with a refrigerator magnet, pretty wild, right? Make sure that you get evenly thick coats of both paints to do this. You will lose the natural texture of the corkboard with this method, but is cool to have both functionalities with your board, especially if you have the chalkboard paint in one area.
  • Using these paints you can make your ideas come alive with vivid colors and even new functions that you never thought possible!