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Cork Rolls Offer A Wide Array Of Interior Design Options

More interior designers and home owners are discovering the incredibly versatility of cork rolls because this all-natural, eco-friendly product can be applied to an array of uses in the home or office.

Sometimes called composition rolls, this easy-to-handle product is made from natural cork grains. So cork rolls are essentially cork wood itself, except rendered into a roll-form, making it easy to place it and shape to wherever you want to use it. Cork rolls are highly functional and they look terrific.

When most people think of cork, they think of bulletin boards, but corks rolls can be used for many purposes, including underlay and insulation material, gaskets, protective pads, coasters, model making, and for a variety of crafting applications. Cork rolls are incredible useful in a wide range of situations. Creative interior designers use this highly impermeable and low conductivity, yet strong natural wood to cover walls, floors, ceilings and more.using cork roll for interior design

There are even fabrics made from cork. Cork fabrics are used to upholster furniture, make lamp shades, partitions screens ñ the imagination is the only limit when deciding what can be done with cork.

It’s important to note that cork come in a variety of grades. Rolls of cork are manufactured in different grain sizes, thickness, formations making it easy to find just the right grade or quality of cork for what you intend to use it for.  Some rolls are tightly compacted and dense, whereas others are made of lighter grades that are more permeable and flexible. Your cork roll provider can show you what’s available and explain which grade is best for what you have in mind.

One of the best things about cork rolls and cork is that it is a 100% sustainable and renewable product. The cork industry has scored well on something called LEED, which is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. When using cork, you can feel good about beautifying your home while not contributing to waste or pollution.