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Cork Wallpaper in Home Decor

Every component of the house plays a major role in the home decor. If you want to give your walls an artistic look then wallpapers are the best choice. But what if the wallpaper could serve more utility than just being a show? Yes, that is possible with cork wallpaper.  Apart from beauty there are some more advantage attached with wallpaper cork.

The main feature of cork which is taken of cork oak tree is that it is sound and heat resistant and this heat resistance is there with the cork wallpaper too. It is possible because of the air pockets that are present in the wallpaper. It will not let the heat come in from outside and will keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter.  If the home is in a hot zone then cork wallpaper is a great option to use.

The look of wallpaper cork is another thing to consider. Cork is a natural substance and the look is also natural. Today cork wallpaper is available in wide range of colors, which makes it suitable in all types of interior decorations. You may even find designer cork wallpaper with bronze, gold and silver finish; though the price can be a bit high. You can even find some dealers who will customize it according to your choice.

One of the most significant advantages of cork is that it does not catch mold and it is resistant to rotting and mildew. So even if you live in a place which is damp, your wallpaper cork will be in perfect shape for a long period of time. These wallpapers are not only attractive and natural in look but it is quite durable too. Wallpaper cork is also quite environmentally friendly as it can be recycled in a pollution free manner. So if you are thinking of covering your walls, wallpaper cork is an amazing option.