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With the outstanding beauty and comfort that cork tiles offer make them truly an ideal option for several rooms in a home. Many people prefer cork tiles because of the warm colors and soft feel that they give to your feet. Self adhesive cork tiles will certainly make any home feel warmer and a lot welcoming not only to you, but for your family and friends, as well. Opting for cork can help in giving your home a whole new and updated tone that you will surely enjoy for years.

The best part of using cork tiles is the fact that they are completely environmentally friendly, as well as sustainable too. With today’s time, cork can be a huge consideration especially for homeowners who are trying to be more when it comes to construction and remodeling.  Basically, the cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree which grows back about nine years. The reason why these cork tiles are great for the environment is because the tree itself is not destroyed, and this also makes the cork tiles more sustainable construction option. In addition, the tree can be harvested continually every nine years which truly makes it a renewable source.

using cork tiles

Cork Tiles for Flooring

Cork floor tiles are more cushioned compared to other flooring choices available out there. On the other hand, cork cells are naturally spongy which makes them extremely resilient, as well as soft for your feet. In cork floor tiles the cells are great when it comes to sound reduction because they are perfect as insulators and are ideal for recording studios. Apartments and other buildings that contain many floors can also benefit from cork floor tiles, for the reason that it can reduce the sound transmission between the floors.

Cork may be the perfect choice for your room and make it look more updated, warm and comfortable. People feel more “at home” when their house has cork. You would want to consider cork for your next project, and you can also help the environment with this decision.