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All-natural, eco-friendly cork has been used for dozens of purposes for hundreds of years. Whether it’s for bulletin boards, flooring, insulation or soundproofing, cork is an extremely versatile material. Wine corks have been around since the 17th century, and wine cork crafts have become very popular for many reasons. This page will take a look at some fun and easy wine cork crafts, as well as what you can expect to pay for your wine cork projects.

Fun and Easy Wine Cork Crafts

Cork has been used for wine stoppers since being created by Dom Perignon during the 1600s. Prior to the invention, only oil-soaked rags were used to seal wine bottles. Cork is used for bottling purposes because it’s non-flammable, extremely elastic and lighter than water. Up to 60% of all wine bottles worldwide include cork stoppers today.

A fun, easy and enormously popular project is creating a wine cork wreath. These wreaths are made using individual corks and are typically placed in bars, taverns, wine cellars or where
wine-corks-heartwine connoisseurs and enthusiasts congregate.

Wine cork crafts and projects are nearly endless. In sticking with the wine theme, corks can be used to create drink and beverage coasters. Dozens of corks can also be placed in a vase and displayed alongside the coasters and wreath to really bring the theme to life.

Wine corks can also be used to frame bulletin boards or chalkboards. They are perfect for creating card or place holders for your next wine party or event. You can also make stamps, garden markers, various types of ornaments and key chains using corks.

Cost of Wine Cork Crafts

A great aspect of crafts with wine corks is that it’s a very inexpensive hobby. Depending on your needs, you can purchase wine corks individually or by the pack. A set of 10 wine corks only costs $1.00 online. You can purchase as many as 28 wine corks for under $2.00. For those looking to undertake a large wine cork crafts project, you can get as many as 500 corks for under $70.00 or as many as 2,000 for just under $140.00.

Wine Cork DIY Projects


Wine Cork Planters

via craft-your-home

via craft-your-home



Step 1: Obtain the desired amount of wine corks for the project either via amazon on the left for a low cost, or from your own kitchen.

Step 2:  Using a pocket knife or a phillips screwdriver puncture a hole in the center of the wine cork.


Step 3:  Using a knife or flat head screwdriver, dig the center of the cork out, while leaving about a 4-mm wall around the inside of the cork.


Step 4: Take about 1/4 tablespoon of cactus and succulent soil mix and stuff the center of the corks with it.


Step 5:  Add your desired type of small succulent in the soil and place your new planters in your favorite spot.


Wine Cork Monogram

via thesuburbanmom


Step 1: Obtain a wooden letter, krazy glue and about 100 wine corks (depending on letter) for the project either via amazon below for a low cost, or from your own kitchen.

Step 2:   Lay the wooden letter flat and grab your first cork. Dab it with one or two drops of Krazy Glue and attach it to the bottom corner of the letter chosen.

Step 3:  Hold the cork in place with the glue for about 30 seconds to secure it. 

Step 4: Working form the bottom up, continue with the rest of the corks, until the letter is filled completely.