Cork board sheets are commonly thought of as only used in bulletin boards, but did you know these sheets can serve several other affordable and environmentally-friendly purposes? Cork board sheets have many uses around the home that many people may not even realize.

On this page, we will explain some other ways you can use cork sheets around the house, examine if cork board sheets may be a better alternative to other products you may normally use, and if using cork board sheets for flooring is right for you.

What Are Cork Sheets?

Cork board sheets are harvested when the cork is hand-stripped from a living tree once the tree has aged to about 25 years old. The trees live for about 200 years and the cork-stripping process occurs every nine years. No trees are destroyed in the process, and the cork can only be separated from the tree from May to August in order to avoid causing permanent damage.

Corkboard sheets are later created by using a process of heating and compressing. Binding agents may be used if the cork sheets are intended for heavy industrial use.

What Are Cork Sheets Used For?

Various ways to use cork board sheets include:

  • Insulation. Corkboard sheets are used as a cheaper alternative to standard insulation material. In fact, corkboard was originally invented for insulating cold storage areas in 1892.


  • Soundproofing. Cork board sheets are a great way to soundproof a home, office or studio. As a solid alternative to fiber glass, cork board sheets can be used to significantly reduce the amount of noise that travels between rooms within in building. Cork board sheets are also very easy to install.
  • Decorative Cork Boards. Similar to bulletin boards, these cork boards can be decorated and given as gifts to friends and loved ones. They also can be decorated and serve a dual purpose in a child’s bedroom.
  • Safety Cushioning. Because of its spongy and soft texture, cork board sheets are commonly used for safety purposes. Cork board sheets and tiles can be used in play areas to cushion falls.

Should I Use Cork Board Sheets for Flooring?

Using cork board sheets for flooring is also another popular use of the eco-friendly sheets. But just what are the cork flooring pros and cons?


  • Cheaper Cost
  • Good Insulation
  • Easy Installation
  • Comfort


  • Poor Water Absorption
  • Difficult to Keep Clean
  • Preparation Time

Using cork board sheets for flooring definitely has its advantages, but be prepared to deal with the cons as well.